CESVIMAP collaborates with Bahrain's United Insurance Company

United Insurance Company is a company specialising in insuring the vehicles which travel between the Kingdom of Bahrain, on the east coast of the Persian Gulf, and Saudi Arabia, crossing by the international King Fahad Causeway.

Staff from the CESVIMAP Department of Engineering and Consultancy travelled to Bahrain to analyse the characteristics of the automobile insurance market in that country and, specifically, the management of accident claims at United Insurance Company. 

Over the course of various days of work, all the areas the company works in were analysed, from initial notification and opening of the claim, to settlement and payment, and their relationship with the main actors involved: repair shops, replacement parts suppliers, etc.

After a detailed analysis, CESVIMAP has communicated its knowledge and international experience in after-sales and specifically in accident claims management to the insurance company. The results, the product of the research, have been compiled, offering strategies for improvement in the efficiency and cost effectiveness in the technical management of accident claims. Likewise, CESVIMAP has provided help in the company's internal management processes and in the definition of the framework of the relationship with its suppliers. This analysis will allow the Bahraini group to advance in the consolidation of its leading position, offering in turn innovative systems in relations with its clients and suppliers.

CESVIMAP thanks United Insurance Company for the trust it has placed in our centre to bring this project about.