CESVITECA, the CESVIMAP research portal, for 8.99 eur/month

Access CESVIMAP's research on repair, new technologies, hybrid and electric vehicles and management content and profitability of the repair shop.

Take advantage of this innovative CESVIMAP information and documentation tool.

More than 2,000 automotive workshop professionals and students have accessed CESVITECA, CESVIMAP's innovative information and documentation tool, for free in the last 6 months. The crisis derived from the pandemic encouraged CESVIMAP to open this service to the public on April 8, free of charge, providing knowledge and training opportunities to the sector at such a delicate time.

Stay up to date for only 8.99 eur/month

From today you can stay connected to the latest news in the repair sector for only 8.99 eur/month*. You can request it through the email publicaciones@cesvimap.com or from here.

What will you find at CESVITECA? Much of the current CESVIMAP research, and in recent years, on vehicle repair, new technologies, hybrid and electric vehicles, mobility, management and sustainability ... The CESVITECA portal is accessible from any device, at any time.

Why is CESVITECA unique? Because it provides cutting-edge information, in line with the new paradigms of mobility and sustainability. And because engineers, professional training technicians, the most qualified and experienced workshop professionals in training and repair, journalists and specialists in multimedia content and new technologies participate in the development of content. All of them carefully prepare documents that reflect the most current work processes, using the latest equipment and facilities.

* Price per annual subscription, with monthly content update.

More information: publicaciones@cesvimap.com / +34 920 206 300