Professional Training


CESVIMAP is there to help Formación Profesional Professional Training along various training routes: among these, of particular note are the preparation of complete works for consulting and technical publications, the development of an extensive multimedia documentary collection, the quarterly issue of the Revista CESVIMAP magazine and the relationship with and direct support for students of Formación Profesional in programmes such as COMFORP and FORTECO, along with the donation of parts to secondary schools for the pupils' practical classes.
CESVIMAP's technical publications, designed for professionals in the valuation and repair sector, bring together the results of CESVIMAP's research into vehicle repair and appraisal.  All the books show, with high documentary and graphic quality, the working processes undertaken in the CESVIMAP repair shops. 
The CESVIMAP technicians, acting in their capacity as experts, take an active part in the Work Group for the revision/updating of the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications corresponding to the Professional Transport and Vehicle Maintenance Family. This can be acquired at CESVITIENDA, an extraordinary source of information and point of reference for professionals and those studying automotive subjects.
Cesviteca, in turn, is an extensive documentary source specialising in the field of repair and vehicle appraisal, with the CESVIMAP on-line library, designed for the repair shop, the appraiser and, in general, for the automotive sector.
Published quarterly, Revista CESVIMAP magazine offers the results of CESVIMAP research and experimentation, through technical articles, illustrated with the work processes and the tests on equipment and products carried out at CESVIMAP. It has a print run of 20,000 copies in its paper-based edition. It is also published on the Internet.
CESVIMAP, committed to Formación Profesional students, collaborates with the Fundación COMFORP, FORTECO (Coordinated Technical Training for Teachers in the Automotive Sector) and the FP-Company project: all of these are projects involving applied innovation and knowledge transfer within Formación Profesional. This contribution is in addition to the donation of material to Secondary Schools in Spain (IES) so that their pupils can carry out real practical exercises. The visits to the CESVIMAP facilities in Ávila, with technical and informational sessions on electric cars or carbon fibre repair, among other novel aspects, along with presence of students and teachers at the CESVIMAP Chair Lecture Series at the Universidad Católica de Ávila all also contribute to the training of future professionals in the sector.