FP professional training books

Libros ciclos formativos CESVIMAP

Based on real processes of appraisal and repair, after decades of research in vehicle repair, the CESVIMAP books, with high graphic and documentary quality, offer pupils of Professional Training a broad base to channel their professional career towards this exciting world, which is constantly being transformed. 
The CESVIMAP technicians, acting in their capacity as experts, take an active part in the Work Group for the revision/updating of the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications corresponding to the Professional Transport and Vehicle Maintenance Family (Spanish Royal Decree 1128/2003, dated 5th September, regulating the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications, and modified by Spanish Royal Decree 1416/2005).
Elementos metálicos y sintéticos

Metallic and synthetic elements

Bodywork - Secondary Education Level
Elementos estructurales del vehículo

Vehicle structural elements

Bodywork - Secondary Education Level
Gestión y logística del mantenimiento de vehículos

Vehicle maintenance management and logistics

Automotive Studies - Advanced Level
Técnicas de comunicación y de relaciones

Communication and relations techniques

Automotive Studies - Advanced Level
Sistemas de seguridad y confortabilidad

Safety and comfort systems

Electromechanics - Secondary Education Level
Vehículos híbridos y eléctricos

Hybrid and electric vehicles

Electromechanics - Secondary Education Level