Vehicle manufacturers

Fabricantes de automóviles

CESVIMAP provides comprehensive training for vehicle manufacturers, which covers all aspects relating to automobile repair; this is training designed for all the professional profiles working in the repair shop: management, repair shop supervisors, receptionists, vehicle body workers, painters and specialists in electro-mechanics. Face to face or on-line training, and also at university level, as a result of the agreement with the Universidad Católica de Ávila.
CESVIMAP also has great expertise in repair shop management and consultancy services. For over thirty years now, it has been noted for its capacity to create and design repair shops, developing working lines which enable public recognition and good practice. The certification of TQ and PROMASS rated repair shops provides an external and professional view for the business, giving the repair shop practical criteria which will allow it to reach its objectives, optimising its resources and making the investment cost-effective.
All CESVIMAP's know-how has arisen from the study it undertakes of new models; these are carefully analysed in the Centre's experimental repair shop, where they are returned to their original conditions of safety, after having been subjected to different crash tests in the CESVIMAP Crash Test zone, and properly repaired.  
On the basis of these tests, CESVIMAP is in a position to classify the vehicles according to their repair costs. This information is used by MAPFRE, the insurance company, to optimise and adjust the premiums for their automobile insurance policies to the real repair costs for each model. 
CESVIMAP's research is rounded off with its distinguished work in the area of road traffic accident reconstruction, which also covers the study of vehicle fires; CESVIMAP is a point of reference for these subjects.