Privacy and security policy

CENTRO DE EXPERIMENTACIÓN Y SEGURIDAD VIAL MAPFRE, S.A., hereinafter, CESVIMAP, residing at Carretera de Valladolid Km 1, 05004 Ávila (Spain), is the owner of this website and responsible of the personal data supplied by the users through this website.  

The user is informed and aware of the processing of the data supplied during the browsing on the website, which are generated as a consequence of the use of the same and the ones that you communicate in the pertinent web form, included, where appropriate, the communications or international transfers of data that can be made, with the purposes suggested in the section With what aim do we process your personal data?  
In case that the provided data refer to third party individuals other than the user, this guarantees having collected and having the prior consent of the same for the communication of their data and having informed them,  prior to facilitate them, of the purposes of the treatment, communications and other terms planned in the section Information about Data Protection. 
The user declares that it is older than 14. In the same way, in case that the provided data during its browsing through the website are from minors, as the father/mother or guardian of the minor, expressly authorizes the treatment of such data for the purposes detailed in the information about data protection.
The user guarantees the precision and truthfulness of the provided personal data, committing to keep them properly updated and to communicate CESVIMAP any change that occurs in the same. 
The use of this website is subject to the Privacy and Processing of Personal Data Policy, to the Using Conditions detailed below. Please read them carefully. The fact of accessing to this website and using the materials contained in the same implies that you have previously read and accepted, without reservation, such policies and conditions.
Who is responsible of the processing of your personal data?
The information and/or personal data that you provide us are included in a file whose responsible is:
    • Mailing address: CARRETERA DE VALLADOLID, KM 1 05004 ÁVILA
    • Contact of the Data Protection Delegate:
What data do we preserve?
MAPFRE obtains information about its users. The data that are preserved are:
    1. Name of the provider’s domain (ISP) that gives them access to the website. For example, a user of the provider XXX will be identified with the domain
    2. The date and hour of access to our website.
    3. The Internet address from which the link to our website departed.
    4. The data that you provide us in the collecting of data form.
    5. Number of daily visitors of each section.
With what aim do we process your personal data?
MAPFRE will treat your data voluntarily provided during navigation in the website, as well as all of them that are obtained or generated as a consequence of its navigation through Internet websites or other means, for the following purposes:
    • Offering the user a more personalized browsing.
    • The elaboration of statistics about the countries and servers that visit more often the website.
    • Knowledge of the hours of the highest affluence of visits in the website as well as making precise adjustments to avoid Access problems.
    • Knowledge of the effectiveness of the various buttons and links that point to our server, with the aim of enhancing those that offer better results.
    • Maintaining a record of user activity via web.
    • Integral and centralized maintenance and management of its relationship with MAPFRE Group.

In addition to the aforementioned purposes, during the browsing through this website, CESVIMAP may treat your data with other aims that, among others, may be the following:
    • The provision of the requested services and information.
    • The realization of statistical and quality control studies.
    • Sending information, even electronically, about events, training courses, publications, sale of spare parts of CESVIRECAMBIOS, qualification of garages or any new activity of CESVIMAP, gifts and loyalty campaigns of CESVIMAP and the different entities of MAPFRE Group ( or of those third entities with which any company of the MAPFRE Group has subscribed collaboration agreements, with the aim of adapting our commercial offers to its particular profile even after that the existing contractual relation has been extinct.
    • Sending (prior subscription by the user through the Subscription area) the electronic newsletter.
    • Management of other requests or contracts from any of the different entities of the MAPFRE Group (
    • Sending information about security systems.

All the collected data, as well as the treatments and purposes previously indicated are necessary or related to the appropriate service and management of the website, as well as, in its case, the maintenance, development and control of the relationship with MAPFRE. 

This site is being measured with the solutions of Google Analytics and AdobeAnalytics as web analytics platforms, solutions of SessionCam and Userzoom for the measurement of the costumer experience and solutions of Salesforce DMP, Facebook and Doubleclick to measure the performance of the advertising campaigns. These solutions use marks in the webpages and anonymous cookies in order to analyze the information gathered (for example, number of visits, duration of the visit, behavior in the webpage…), and based on them improve the customer experience and the digital processes of operation and communication.  
How long will we keep your personal data?
The provided personal data will be preserved for the determined period according to the following criteria: (i) legal obligation of preservation, and (ii) elimination request by the applicant in the cases where appropriate.
Which is the legitimation for the processing of your data?
The legal basis for the processing of your data with the purposes included in the section “With what aim do we process your personal data?” is the consent of the applicant.
To which addressees will your date be spread?
CESVIMAP could notify your data, exclusively for the purposes listed in the section “With what aim do we process your personal data?” to other entities of the MAPFRE Group (, subsidiaries and investee companies, MAPFRE Foundation, as well as third parts with which collaboration agreements are subscribed.

Likewise, any entity belonging to the MAPFRE Group (, subsidiaries and investee companies, can communicate the personal data to any of the before indicated entities, with the aim of maintaining an integral and centralized management of the relationship with the applicants with the distinct entities of the MAPFRE Group, and that the applicants could take advantage of the access to their data from any of them, respecting in any case the applicable legislation about personal data protection and without needing that the applicants are informed about each first communication that is done. 
In the context of the listed communications in the preceding paragraph, international transfers of data may be made to third countries or international organizations, on which there is or is not an adaptation decision of the European Commission regarding the same. The international transfers to countries that could not guarantee an adequate protection level will be exceptional and carried out as long as they are essential to the development of their relationship with the entity.
Which are your rights when you provide us your data?
In the terms and with the established scope in the current legislation, anyone has the right to:
• Confirm whether in MAPFRE we are processing personal data that concern you or not of acceding to them and the information related to their treatment.
• Request the rectification of your imprecise data.
• Apply for the elimination of your data when, among other reasons, they are no longer necessary for the aim for which they were collected, in which case MAPFRE will stop processing the data except for the exercise of defense of possible complaints.
• Request the limitation of the processing of your data, in which case they could only be processed with your consent, except for their preservation and using for the exercise or the defense of complaints or for the protection of the rights of another physical or legal person, or for reasons of important public interest of the European Union or of a concrete member state.
• Oppose the processing of your data, in which case MAPFRE will stop treating the data, except for the defense of possible complaints.
• Receive in a structured format, of common use and mechanical reading, the personal data that concern you and that you have provided to MAPFRE, or request MAPFRE for a direct transmission to another responsible, when technically possible.
• Withdraw the granted consent, where appropriate, for the purpose included in the section “With what aim do we process your personal data?” without that affecting the lawfulness of the treatment based on prior consent to its withdrawal.
Any registered user can exercise its rights of Access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of their personal data provided through the website, through written communication addressed to CESIMAP, located in Carretera de Valladolid Km1, 05004 Ávila (Spain). Except in the case that you decide to exercise such rights only in relation to the needed data for the subscription to bulletins carried out through the Subscription Area, in which case you could exercise them by clicking in the following link: by email: or by  written communication addressed to CESVIMAP, located in Carretera de Valladolid, Km1 Ávila, postal code 05004 (Spain).
The applicant can file a complaint in the Spanish Data Protection Agency, especially when considering that it has not obtained any satisfaction in the exercise of its rights, through the website enabled for those effects by the corresponding Control Authority.
It is understood that the user is informed and accepts the before established conditions if it continues navigating in the website and, in this case, if he clicks in the button “SEND/CONTINUE/CALCULATE” or that is found in the data collecting forms.
CESVIMAP declines any responsibility regarding the information of this website coming from sources that are unaffiliated with the MAPFRE Group, as well as the contents not elaborated by the same. 
The function of the links that appear in this website is exclusively informing the user about the existence of other information sources related to the subject on the Internet, where it could increase the data offered in this web. CESVIMAP will not be in any case responsible of the result obtained through those hypertextual links.
The domain holder is CENTRO DE EXPERIMENTACIÓN Y SEGURIDAD VIAL MAPFRE, S.A., CIF A-28272474, corporate headquarters in Carretera de Valladolid, km 1 05004 ÁVILA, registration data Registered to pages 67 and following of volume 38, Corporate Ledger 22, sheet 931, section 3, and pages 150 and following of the volume 44, Corporate Ledger 2, sheet AV-92 of the General Section, is constituted by the websites associated to the domains DOMINIOS WEB MAPFRE.
The user undertakes to make good use of the website, understanding as good use the one that is in accordance with the current legislation, good faith and public order. 
At the same time, the user undertakes to not using the website with fraudulent purposes, as well as not committing any action in order to damage, render the website useless or overload it, or that would impede, in any way, the normal use and functioning of the same. 
The user is informed that, in the case of breach of the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy or any other means or conditions included in the website, MAPFRE reserves the right to limit, suspend or block its access to the website, through any technical measure that it considers necessary to achieve that.
All rights reserved. Portal design and source code, as well as the logos, brands and other distinctive signs appearing in it belong to MAPFRE and are protected by the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights. 
It is firmly forbidden, without written permission of the copyright owners, the copy, distribution, processing, manipulation, public communication or any other act of partial or total exploitation, either free or onerous of the texts, images or any other content that appears in the website. 
CESVIMAP reserves the right to make, at any time and without prior notice, as many modifications, changes, deletions or cancellations in contents and way of presentation of them that are considered necessary, either temporarily or permanently, having the user to use the updated version each time. This faculty does not grant users any right to perceive compensation for damages.
MAPFRES uses cookies with the aim of offering you a better navigation experience that adjusts to your needs, as well as to protect and improve the website. Read carefully this Cookies Policy in order to inform yourself about the responsible use that MAPFRE does of them and about the options that you have to configure your browser and manage them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are generated in the user’s computer and that allow us to know the frequency of your visits, the most selected contents and the security elements that may be involved in the control of access to restricted areas, as well as the display of advertising based on criteria predefined by MAPFRE that are activated by cookies provided by that entity or by third parties that offer these services on behalf of MAPFRE. 

As a general rule, there are the following types of cookies:
    • Depending on the expiration date:
        o Session: they expire at the end of the session.
        o Persistence: they do not expire at the end.
    • Depending on the origin:
        o Origin: enabled by the website by which it navigates.
        o Third parties: they come from other websites.
    • Depending on their purpose:
        o Technical: allow the navigation and use of different browsers.
        o Personalization: allow the access to the service with predefined features.
        o Analysis: allow the monitoring and analysis of the users’ behavior.
        o Advertising: allow the management of advertising spaces.
        o Behavioral advertising: allow the management of advertising spaces. Store information about the users’ behavior.
What type of cookies do we use and with what purposes?
In this website, the following types of cookies are used, with the following purposes:
    1. Analytical cookies
They are used to collect user activity statistics. Among others, they analyze the number of users that visit the website, the number of visited websites as well as the activity of the users in the website and their frequency of use.
The gathered information is always anonymous so that a link between it and the physical person to whom it is referred could not be established.
    2. Authentication cookies
They are used to maintain the user’s session during each visit, being dominant in private environments of the website that require a user and a password for the access.
    3. Cookies used by social networks
They allow the user to have the possibility to share with its contacts in a social network the contents that are the most interesting for it, through the plug-in button inserted in the website.
The plug-ins store and access to the cookies from the user’s terminal and allow the social network to identify their users when they interact with the plug-ins.
    4. Cookies caused by external content complements
They are necessary for the provision of some type of service and are stored by third parties.
Within this category of cookies are, for example, media player cookies, that are used to store technical data in order to play video or audio contents, such as quality of the image, load parameters, etc.
    5. Third parties cookies for the personalization of advertising spaces
They allow to manage the advertising space that the users view when acceding to the website and are stored by third parties.
Who accesses cookies information?
The information stored in the cookies is used exclusively by MAPFRE.
Can cookies be disabled?
Except in the case of analytical cookies, the use of cookies has an effect over the users’ privacy since, as a general rule, it allows to relate their content with the IP address of connection and with other personal data of the user, like those voluntarily provided. 
By accepting this Privacy and Cookies Policy, the user will be giving consent to the generation of cookies for the above-mentioned purposes. 
In spite of the foregoing, in case that the user subsequently wishes to remove the cookies that have been stored in its computer and that necessarily require its consent, it will be able to do it by using the tools that its browser offers to those effects. In this sense, depending on its browser, the following links detail the process for deactivating cookies:
If the user does not accept the cookies or rejects them afterwards, the functionality of the website could be reduced.

Changes and updates to Cookie policy
MAPFRE and the companies of the Group can modify this Cookie Policy depending on the legislative requirements, regulations, or with the aim of adapting such policy to the instructions and recommendations dictated by the regulators. It is therefore recommended to periodically review the Cookie Policy.