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Today we couldn’t imagine our society and our lifestyle without the automobile; nonetheless, when that automobile reaches the end of its useful life, it can turn into a threat for the environment. Cesvi Recambios, the CESVIMAP Authorised Treatment Facility (CAT – ATF), is a point of reference on how to dispose of vehicles in an ecologically responsible fashion, lengthening the life of the parts which are in good condition by using them to repair other vehicles and enabling the reuse of the base material of the rest of the parts: steel, plastic, aluminium, glass, latex, rubber, textiles…

Our commitment

Decontamination, reuse and recycling

The decontamination of the vehicle – the extraction of dangerous waste -, the reuse of the parts in good condition for the same end for which they were designed, the recycling of their raw materials, and the energy recovery of the materials are the four environmentally respectful processes that promote an ATF like Cesvi Recambios. All these steps lead to the profitable use of the raw materials and of the industrial processes, along with the consequent reduction in energy consumption.


The use of used parts offers ever greater reliability, since the majority of them are the parts put in place by the vehicle manufacturer during design. Cesvi Recambios guarantees the reliability of its parts, and does not sell those parts which are directly related to safety. The correct working of the reusable parts is minutely checked in the quality controls.

Environmentally responsible methodology

An entire human and technological team lies behind the activity of Cesvi Recambios, guaranteeing an ecologically responsible methodology and a rapid and efficient procedure for the operation. Designed by the CESVIMAP Department of Engineering, Cesvi Recambios was the first facility at European level with such a high degree of automation for this activity. The ergonomic work posts, the automatic movement of vehicles, the in-house developed IT management programme, the detailed labelling of the part, the distribution of special containers for the various spare parts… From the reception of the vehicle, considered to be a total write-off, until the issue of the parts – except those which are directly related to vehicle safety -, quality control in the different phases is absolute.

Personalised service

Every client is unique. Our team provides personalised and customised service. The added value of Cesvi Recambios lies in the exhaustive analysis and checking of the parts which it puts back into circulation, to be used for the same function for which they were built, in the careful handling of the parts, and in the minimisation or total elimination of errors in identificationf of those parts, errors which would waste the client’s time.