Professional training textbooks

Libros técnicos CESVIMAP

CESVIMAP's technical publications, designed for professionals in the appraiser and repair sector, bring together the results of CESVIMAP's research into vehicle repair and appraisal.  These are works for consulting and learning about aspects such as the analysis of equipment and tools, the development of working methods and damage evaluation, the study of the characteristics of the different types of vehicle, alongside road safety, accident reconstruction and the investigation of vehicle fires.  
All the books show, with high documentary and graphic quality, the working processes undertaken in the CESVIMAP repair shops.
In addition, in the context of the training of new professionals, the CESVIMAP technicians, acting in their capacity as experts, take an active part in the Work Group for the revision/updating of the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications corresponding to the Professional Transport and 
Vehicle Maintenance Family (Spanish Royal Decree 1128/2003, dated 5th September, regulating the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications, and modified by Spanish Royal Decree 1416/2005).
Peritación de maquinaria agrícola

Agricultural machinery appraisal

The only work in Spain on the evaluation of damage to self-propelled, towed and dragged agricultural machinery.

Reparación de motocicletas

Motorcycle repair

A manual of great documentary value, which describes this type of vehicle, along with repair and appraisal processes, backed up by CESVIMAP's extensive experience in this field.
Reparación de carrocerías de automóviles

Automobile bodywork repair

This book's more than 700 pages cover the repair technologies and techniques in repair shops for various materials (conventional and high strength steel, aluminium, magnesium, plastics...).
Pintado de automóviles

Automobile paintwork

This work contains a high proportion of CESVIMAP's knowhow on automotive paintwork: processes, equipment and paintwork products for the vehicles, along with the use of the vast amount of technology and methodology which has been incorporated into the world of vehicle repainting.
Reparación y peritación de vehículos industriales

Repair and appraisal of industrial vehicles

The result of more than a decade of research, analysis and repair of trucks and buses, in facilities which are specific for large dimension and heavyweight vehicles.
Manual de reconstrucción de accidentes de tráfico

Road traffic accident reconstruction manual

A reference work for investigation and road traffic accident reconstruction, designed for appraisal bureaux, police forces, training centres, lawyers and investigators. This includes the formulas for calculating the location and speed, prior to the collision, driver reaction times and the dynamics of the accident.
Manual de prevención de riesgos en talleres de automóviles

Risk prevention manual for automobile repair shops

A reference guide, providing and encouraging compliance with rules for risk prevention in the workplace among automobile repair shop professionals. 
Manual de mantenimiento en talleres de autómoviles

Maintenance manual for automobile repair shops

Practical manual to develop a maintenance plan for the main equipment and facilities in a repair shop, with a breakdown of the operations and revisions to be performed. Includes maintenance charts, grouped by equipment or by dates.
Autonotas de bolsillo


The pocket AutoNotas publication gives a synthesis, in card format, of the wide-ranging knowledge that an automobile appraiser needs: identification, aspects of valuation, inspection and repair, mechanics, paintwork and bodywork of different types of vehicle (passenger cars, motorcycles, industrial vehicles). This is the enlarged and corrected fourth edition!