What do we do?

CESVIMAP, Center for Experimentation and Road Safety MAPFRE, is the center of R & D for MAPFRE, and operates within the framework of MAPFRE Open Innovation (MOI), its model for collaborative innovation. 

The aim of the centre is to make a contribution, from a global perspective, to the field of mobility.  More specifically and within a technical framework, it seeks to contribute to creating, developing, testing and implementing practical and innovative solutions that help MAPFRE lead the transformation of the insurance sector.

It is a technological center with a global reputation for the design, insurance, use, maintenance, repair and recycling of vehicles and other transport solutions for both goods and people. Its technological research is focused on reducing accident rates, and defining more efficient repair processes, lowering their costs. The center serves as the MAPFRE research laboratory on new products and services based on the Usage Based Insurance (UBI), the ADAS (Advance Driver Assistance Systems), the analysis of the consequences of the crash tests, and the reconstruction of traffic accidents, among other activities.

CESVIMAP addresses environmental and other social goals through the creation of innovative formulas within the insurance field, maintaining its activities in the field of R+D, Innovation, Consultancy, Training, contributing to the diffusion of knowledge and promoting  the circular economy by managing the end of vehicle life cycles. 

Created in 1983, CESVIMAP enjoys nowadays a worldwide reputation for innovation. Since its inception, it has created a further six centers embodying the CESVI philosophy:  in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, France and Mexico.  Each of these centers aspire to contribute in the present to a safer future.

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