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What is Cesvimap?

We are MAPFRE’s R&D centre, within the MAPFRE Open Innovation (MOI) model.

We produce knowledge focused on technological research to reduce the accident rate, define more efficient repair processes, reducing their cost, and be MAPFRE’s research laboratory for new products and services based on Usage Based Insurance (UBI) ADAS driving assistance systems, analysis of the consequences of crash tests, reconstruction of traffic accidents, etc.

We want to contribute to improving the performance of the aftermarket sector, developing value propositions for vehicle manufacturers, workshops, surveyors, insurance companies, mobility solution providers and aftermarket companies. Always integrating sustainability in our activity, we incorporate environmental aspects to enhance the quality of automotive aftermarket processes and create innovative formulas, mainly in insurance, repair and professional training.

Created in 1983 with the aim of making cars safer and easier to repair, we are a global reference in research for all types of vehicles: passenger cars, motorbikes, industrial vehicles, personal mobility vehicles, agricultural vehicles… As a group, it has created six other centres with a CESVI philosophy in the world: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, France and Mexico.