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La CESVIMAP CHAIR-COMPANY  was created in 2009 within the framework of the   CESVIMAP-Universidad Católica de Ávila collaboration agreement. Among the activities proposed for this chair, the following stand out:
    1. Participation in curriculum development.
    2. The teaching of subjects by experienced CESVIMAP lecturers and technicians.
    3. The proposal and management of final degree projects.
    4. Participation in the development of teaching and professional practices , with training and advice at CESVIMAP, as well as continuous monitoring of their work.
    5. Participation in the doctoral programme in sustainable development.
    6. Organisation of conferences, seminars, congresses and symposiums related to the automotive world, including the CESCVIMAP Conference Cycle..
    7. To organise courses that will have the status of own titles of the UCAV.