CESVIMAP has obtained the drone operator licence issued by AESA, the Spanish State Agency for Air Safety, in accordance with Spanish Law 18/2014. It is the first automobile centre in the world certified by AESA to fly this type of apparatus.
In this way, the MAPFRE Centre for Experimentation and Road Safety can fly aircraft of up to 25 kg for various purposes: research and analysis of agricultural zones and crops, recording of videos and preparation of aerial advertising, investigation of traffic accidents and fires, building inspection for valuation or appraisal in the event of damage, etc. Photographic cameras can be mounted and high quality video images collected. One of the values to be kept in mind is that CESVIMAP combines the experience of its pilots with that of its research technicians, providing a rapid capacity for inspection, with efficiency and lower costs.
CESVIMAP has coordinated a worldwide MAPFRE project on drones analysis. The research centre's classification divides them into fixed wing drones and multi-rotor drones. The former have great autonomy, low damageability - their material are usually low density - and are ideal for inspecting crops, conducting land surveys and for any use where the drone does not have to stay put at one single point. In turn, the multi-rotor has low autonomy, high damageability - if they go wrong they plummet without gliding - and they are perfect for industrial inspections, transport of merchandise and photography and aerial videos.
During 2016 CESVIMAP has carried out dismounting of various types of drones, analysing the components in order to study their reparability. Among the elements suffering most damage were the propellers, the camera, and the landing gear; it is, however, true that breakage to or deformation of the chassis normally means breakage of internal components - if this were the case, the cost of repair would be higher than the cost price of the apparatus.
In order to protect SMEs and the self-employed from the risks of flying a drone, MAPFRE designed an innovative insurance policy for drones in use for commercial activity (liability insurance which is compulsory in the EU for drones weighing over 20 kg), at 2017.