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Consulting for insurance companies and experts

CESVIMAP offers appraisers and insurance companies comprehensive training in all the subjects concerning appraisal and vehicle evaluation, at different levels: beginner, basic or advanced; there are also university level courses (Advanced Automobile Appraisal Course and technical courses on industrial vehicles, agricultural machinery, motorcycles and road traffic accident reconstruction). Likewise, CESVIMAP collaborates with vehicle manufacturers, in order to increase their business turnover through ongoing improvement of their commercial, technical and management processes, through its team of specialised technical consultants. These activities serve as a point of reference and as support for the manufacturer’s entire network of repair shops. Thanks to new technologies in telecommunications, different products are appearing on the automobile market which enable the location of stolen vehicles, the establishment of variable insurance fee rates or the detection of accidents. CESVIMAP has established a procedure, based on various technical requisites and provision of service, to set out a final rating of these pieces of equipment by means of standardised tests. CESVIMAP’s research activity, with particular interest for the appraiser and the insurance company, is rounded off with the outstanding work in the traffic accident reconstruction area, which also covers the study of fires in vehicles, subjects on which CESVIMAP is a national reference point. From this area, it brings its know-how to the fight against fraud.