Fire analysis


CESVIMAP investigates and experiments in this area of analysis of fires in vehicles in order to reach valid conclusions determining the origin of the fire in the vehicle, analysing the causes which led to the fire and its subsequent evolution. All of this in the context of different types of vehicles or self-propelled vehicles which have undergone this type of accident. 

This task is carried out in two different but simultaneous directions:

- The investigation of real accidents involving fire.
- The performance of experimental tests on different types of vehicles and their elements.

The service that CESVIMAP has been offering manufacturers of all types of vehicles and machinery, insurance companies, appraisal bureaux, legal bureaux, law courts, other companies, and private individuals, comprises the undertaking of the study and analysis of the accidental fire, enalbing the dawing up of the corresponding technical report, as well as the subsequent legal defence, should this be required.

Analysis of a vehicle fire