CESVIMAP analyses the different equipment, tools and products used in the automobile sector. As a result of new technologies in telecommunications, different products are appearing on the automobile market which enable the location of stolen vehicles, the establishment of variable insurance premium rates or the prevention and detection of accidents.
Given the high number of companies which, in principle, have the technical capacity and the means required to provide these services, CESVIMAP has established a procedure based on a number of requisites, both technical and performance-related, to determine a final rating for the equipment, by means of standardised tests.
The purpose of the evaluation is to demonstrate a level of compliance, with regard to the device’s performance in terms of functionality, reliability and safety. The level of requisites is high and is based on market needs and on current technological status, meaning that with the passage of time, the level will evolve.
The test uses the samples of devices and of the documentation presented to CESVIMAP by the service requester, and the result is the issue of a certificate showing the final rating obtained, alongside a technical report.