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Crashtests, trials and tests

One of CESVIMAP’s particular activities is the performance of crash tests. Motor vehicles, passenger cars, industrial vehicles and motorcycles are subjected to different standardised tests, most of them following the RCAR (Reseach Council for Automobile Repair) standards. RCAR, of which CESVIMAP is a member, brings together the most important automobile research centres at world level.

The vehicles are subjected to front and rear crash tests.  These and other tests produce very significant data with regard to the vehicles’ repairability. The information obtained allows us to prepare very detailed reports where different  models are compared through experimentation in the CESVIMAP facilities.


Research for Vehicle and Component Manufacturers

Investigation of traffic accidents makes it possible to determine the circumstances leading up to the accident, and reassemble the mechanics of the occurrence. CESVIMAP conducts research in this field, in order to provide objective data which can lead to the resolution of the events and the issue of the expert witness reports for their possible defence in the courts.