CASE Movility

Center for Experimentation and Road Safety MAPFRE

Some time ago, the English acronym CASE came onto the scene to name the vehicles of the future: Connected – Autonomous – Shared & Electric. In Spanish we would say that they will be Connected and will be Autonomous, Shared and Electric. It seems that the CASE Vehicle has more power than the “CACE Vehicle”, but whatever they are called they are shaping up to be the future of cars, and of mobility both on the road and in the city.
Connected vehicles (already here)

When we think of connected vehicles, we have the feeling that we are talking about a very distant future and science fiction, when the truth is that a large part of the cars that we see today on the road already have an Internet connection. This can be achieved through an integrated SIM (eSIM, embedded SIM) in the dashboard of the car, or through the data rate of our smartphone.