Personalised repair shop studies

Estudios personalizados CESVIMAP

CESVIMAP's wide experience both in training and in the management of independent repair shops and dealerships allows us to offer personalised solutions which are adapted to current needs.


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On the basis of a thorough analysis of the situation of the company, CESVIMAP undertakes the study and implantation of the improvement solutions referring to layout, repair shop cost-effectiveness, computerisation of production, training of the operators, advice on the purchase of tools and equipment, etc. All of this is done after reaching agreement with the company management and, if necessary, with a visit from CESVIMAP professionals to the repair shop itself.


Specialised technicians in bodywork processes, paintwork, mechanics and repair shop management from CESVIMAP will go to the repair shop to evaluate in situ how the work is carried out to generate quality and added value.


Time is ever more important for the automobile user and the repair shop client. For jobs which are identified as taking a short time, the vehicle stay in the repair shop should be as short as possible. CESVIMAP gives advice on the setting up of the quick job zone, both from the point of view of physical layout and in the organisation of work and cost-effectiveness.