Quality Control for repair shops (TQ)

TQ Qualified workshop

Show your clients your most valuable feature: the quality of your service
The CESVIMAP TQ certificate is a distinctive sign which informs clients about the quality of repair that the repair shop is capable of offering. Repair shops which pass the evaluation process obtain the TQ certificate, which guarantees the legality of the repair shop and that the repair jobs are performed to high quality technical standards.
There are three levels of quality standards into which a repair shop can be classified; three different categories which recognise the degree to which the service offered by the repair shop is internally managed and in relation to its clients. To offer this service to the repair shops which are in a position to set them themselves apart as a result of their quality work, CESVIMAP has developed a thorough evaluation system based on its more than 25 years of experience as a Centre of Research and Training in bodywork and paintwork repair, as well in the Design and Management of bodywork and paintwork repair shops, as a result of which it has won wide recognition, and national and international prestige.
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It is an evaluation process which the repair shop requests voluntarily and which is carried out by expert CESVIMAP technicians. Its focus it to demonstrate the quality of the jobs that the bodywork and paintwork repair shop carries out, and to offer them guidelines to improve their business.

  • To demonstrate the quality of the work carried out.
  • To learn about the aspects of your business which could be improved.
  • To find out your potential and capacity for growth.
  • To learn about the aspects of your business which set it at a higher level and set it apart from the competition.
  • To have security and confidence in the work performed, backed up by expert technicians.   

The TQ certificates always guarantee the legality of the repair shop and that the repair jobs are performed to high quality technical standards.
  • TQ Bronce - Bronze. Quality and Legality
  • TQ Plata - Silver. Quality and legality + Good management and customer service system
  • TQ Oro - Gold. Quality and legality + Good management and customer service system + Innovation
The certificate is valid for two years.

TQ evaluation consists of a complete check of the different productive areas of the repair shop and comprises a revision of:

  • The means available in the repair shop: facilities, equipment, tools and products, according to their state or repair and proper use.
  • The professional profiles and technical qualification of the personnel.
  • The processes for repair, painting and for customer service.
  • The systems for management and organisation of the repair shop.

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