Customised training

Redes posventa CESVIMAP

CESVIMAP has wide experience in the training of personnel from automobile repair shops (managers, repair shop supervisors, receptionists, automobile body workers, painters, mechanics, etc.). Our path has been full of success stories, as the company has grown and established itself, to reach a position of national and international prestige. The teaching staff brings together experts and professionals in the use of the various subjects they teach.

The programmes comprise training solutions which have been designed to generate a real and immediate impact on the professionals and, therefore, on the company. They are innovative, intense and demanding, including original methodologies and formats, adapted to the reality of each organisation.

In synthesis, this is customised training, of maximum quality and taught by the most highly qualified professionals, training which can be adapted in length and contents to the needs of your company and taught for your network alone.

Our training offer includes courses aimed at all the functional areas of the bodywork and paintwork repair shop, as well as the evaluation of damage in automobiles. The courses can be taught in our facilities in Ávila, or wherever the client may require.