Detection and elimination of vehicle paintwork damage and defects


Prevention and elimination of damage and defects

Designed for professionals from the paintwork area.

Objective: to make the professional aware of the causes behind damage and defects in vehicles and show them how to prevent them and/or deal with them. Practice will be made of the techniques which are to be used for their correction, with suitable products, so that participants gain greater know-how in order to be able to give a reliable and cost-effective response. 
One of the great challenges facing the repair shop on a daily basis is the identification of the damage and defects which may be present on the vehicles. The causes of the damage are not within the repair shop's control, meaning that a business opportunity rises. Defects are due to the work in the paintwork zone, meaning that the professionals must correct them to satisfy the client.

Length of course: 2 days (10 teaching hours). 

70% of the course will be taught as practical classes.