Educational collaborations


CESVIMAP, committed to pupils doing Formación Profesional professional training.

Fundación COMFORP, alongside collaborating companies, amongst which CESVIMAP is to be found, participates with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport in the development of the professional family Formación Profesional Transport and Vehicle Maintenance. A significant step in relations between Educational Centres and Companies, by means of the assessment and training of pupils with new abilities, knowledge and practical skills.
CESVIMAP, which sits on the jury of the National Formación Profesional Olympics Spainskills, organised by COMFORP, offers its knowledge and practices to the pupils who, after the national events, will compete at world level in the annual WorldSkills International prizes. 
This contribution from CESVIMAP to Formación Profesional professional training is in addition to the donation of material to Secondary Schools (IES) so that their pupils can undertake real practical tasks (both parts - alternators, engines - and vehicle bodies, auxiliary machinery, and bodywork and paintwork tools). 
The visits to the CESVIMAP facilities in Ávila, with technical and informational sessions on electric cars or carbon fibre repair, and attendance at the CESVIMAP Chair Lecture Series at the Universidad Católica de Ávila also contribute to the training of future professionals in the sector.