Educational collaborations


Teachers update their knowledge

The FORTECO programme (Coordinated Technical Training for Automotive Teaching Staff) trains teachers from Formación Profesional centres in their department of Transport and Vehicle Maintenance. FORTECO came into being in 2006, and its objective is to solve the needs for training and recycling of knowledge in existence in the sector. Since then, the project has enjoyed the collaboration of the main automotive manufacturers, of centres of research and training such as CESVIMAP, of Regional Governments, and of the Ministry of Education.
Since the launching of this successful initiative, thousands of teachers have updated their knowledge in the area of the automobile, attending seminars and specific courses. The final object of the programme is to adjust the level of the teaching staff in the Formación Profesional centres to the current technological state of the sector.
The companies making up FORTECO, such as CESVIMAP, draw up, by mutual agreement, the annual offer of seminars and courses designed for the teachers; this is then sent to those in charge of the programme in the various Autonomous Regions, who, in turn, make it known to their secondary schools and FP centres. The courses, which are free, are taught in the training centres of each of the manufacturers affiliated to the programme. 
FORTECO has been recognised on an international level by the VETAS (Vocational Education and Training in the Automotive Sector) network, of the European Commission, with the VETAS Innovation Award for the most innovative initiative in the automotive sector in Europe, for its demonstrated excellence, impact and innovation in the automotive sector.