Educational collaborations


Pupils, on their way to companies

The FP-Company Project, funded by the Ministry of Education and co-funded by the European Social Fund, is a grant to undertake projects of applied innovation and knowledge transfer in Formación Profesional professional training. The aim is to improve training and the pupils' professional abilities, according to company needs, to be up-to-date in technological and organisational developments, to establish future shared projects between "formación profesional" centres and companies, and convert secondary schools into spaces which are open to the participation of the companies' professionals. In the framework of this FP-Company project, CESVIMAP trains various secondary schools, among other recipients, on the subjects of aluminium welding, MIG welding, suitable PPE, etc., with theoretical and practical content. In safety and comfort systems too: airbags and pre-tensioners, climate control systems and tyre pressure monitoring systems.