Cost-effectiveness for repair shops (PROMASS)


Tailor-made solutions for cost-effective repair shop management

Through PROMASS, CESVIMAP provides an external and professional look at your business, which makes it possible to make a diagnosis of the situation, identify the problems facing you and propose solutions, all of which will lead to an improvement in results, making the repair shop reach your objectives (effectiveness), with an optimised use of your resources (efficiency).

Make your company cost-effective with PROMASS

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The complete analysis of the company will make the development of the business possible, both from the operative point of view and from that of results, and will provide the information needed to focus the management of the repair shop. To do this, CESVIMAP…
  • Gathers and processes the information and the data relating to the business, enabling analysis in a shared and standardised fashion. It also puts the results of the company into context, by making a comparative analysis with previous operating years, with established reference values, or with average values for the sector.
  • It identifies strong and weak points, as well as possible problem areas and restrictions affecting optimum business operation.
  • It analyses your business cost-effectiveness, in order to be of use to you in setting out strategies and in the effective ongoing monitoring of your actions...

To improve productive efficiency, every company has to function with the best practices in the technological and productive processes, as well as for the administration and management processes. This means…
  • Detecting and eliminating unproductive actions.
  • Standardising the productive processes, optimising and dimensioning all the resources properly.
  • Following an effective management strategy.        

Having full knowledge at any given moment of the evolution of the business will enable successful and timely decision making, which will lead to...
  • Planning, organising and controlling the activity, orienting the activities towards improvement in results.
  • Establishing which data is of use for controlling any given process and measuring its cost-effectiveness.
  • Determining the capacity for production, comparing it with the volume of activity, to find out the potential development of the company...