Investigation of traffic accidents and fraud


Investigation of traffic accidents makes it possible to determine the circumstances leading up to the accident, and reassemble the mechanics of the occurrence. CESVIMAP conducts research in this field, in order to provide objective data which can lead to the resolution of the events and the issue of the expert witness reports for their possible defence in the courts.

As well as this, accident reconstruction has a beneficial effect on road safety, since it provides relevant data on the human factor, the roadway, the weather conditions, the condition of the vehicles, and on how the safety elements functioned.


Research into the functioning of airbags and pre-tensioners in traffic accidents

Reconstructor 98, accident reconstruction software

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The majority of traffic accidents are accident scene reports prepared by the Civil Guard, the Autonomous Region Police, and the Local Police. Nonetheless, the opportunity to provide an exact explanation of how the accident happened makes it possible to allocate responsibilities more accurately. 


The preparation and interpretation of an accident reconstruction is complicated and, on certain occasions, requires a large number of calculations, which make the process more difficult. IT is a powerful tool in this complex field. Reconstructor 98 is an IT programme for traffic accident investigation, designed for professionals investigating the accidents or undertaking accident scene reports; it makes preparation easier since the accident calculations and sketches are quickly dealt with.


Easy to handle, it provides a way to represent the roadways with different lane and hard shoulder widths, as well as instant 2D animation and the possibility of seeing the sequence of the accident in three dimensions (3D).


Reconstructor 98 makes it easier to calculate the deformation energies of vehicles in collisions, with a database of almost 5,000 vehicles. It was developed by CESVIMAP, in conjunction with the CIDAUT, the Centre for Automotive Research and Development.

Virtual representation of accidents