New vehicles


In close collaboration with manufacturers and with our parent company, MAPFRE, numerous vehicles pass through the hands of CESVIMAP every year, ready to be subjected to an in-depth study, which can range from the exact location of its identifying elements, both on the body and on mechanical elements, to the different thicknesses of the sheets of metal making up its chassis, passing through the different restraint systems or the types of material its parts are made of, such as plastics, which are increasingly used in the world of the automobile.
The most important elements of the vehicle body, which is divided into the front, central and rear parts, are examined according to their accessibility and methods of repair, replacement, and joining with the rest of the parts.

This information is crucial in order to find out repair potential for the vehicles. Once these have been compared and checked, these are made public in various CESVIMAP documents, such as descriptive and repairability manuals, articles in our magazine and, of course, in CESVITECA, the CESVIMAP on-line library.

The training that we give, both at our facilities and elsewhere, has these thoroughly detailed research methods as its basis.