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What is Cesvimap?

CESVIMAP, MAPFRE’s Road Safety and Experimentation Centre, is MAPFRE’s R&D centre, within the MAPFRE Open Innovation (MOI) model. 

It is a global benchmark technology centre for the design, insurance, use, maintenance, repair and recycling of vehicles and other mobility solutions for goods and people. It focuses its technological research on reducing the accident rate, defining more efficient repair processes, reducing their cost, and is MAPFRE’s research laboratory for new products and services based on Usage Based Insurance (UBI), ADAS driving assistance systems, analysis of the consequences of crash tests, reconstruction of traffic accidents, etc.

Get to know our centre

Have you ever visited an experimental workshop like CESVIMAP’s? Have you ever heard of our crash-test area? With the latest technologies, CESVIMAP is a unique R&D centre for bodywork repair.

If you would like to visit CESVIMAP, please contact us and we will arrange the best date for your visit.   

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We have the best facilities

Take a 360º tour of our facilities. Thanks to this virtual tour, you can get to know the areas, equipment and various activities that we carry out in our daily work. The 360º videos of the development of the activity are placed, in various QR codes, in each of the “emblematic” areas.

Quality and Environment

From the outset, CESVIMAP decided to focus on quality in the areas of research, dissemination, workshop services and training, carrying out all its activities with the utmost respect for the environment and its protection.

For this reason, in 2001, CESVIMAP’s management decided to promote the implementation of a Quality Management System and to certify the training activities carried out at its facilities in Avila, located at Calle Jorge de Santayana, 18.

This certification, in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, is recognition of CESVIMAP’s creative ability to adapt to customer needs and develop ad hoc training offers in the automotive field, an ability based on its own knowledge and methods, extracted from our experimental work; on this basis, CESVIMAP organises everything necessary to carry out this training and monitors its development and results; the aim is to continuously improve its training capacity and satisfy the increasingly demanding requirements of its customers.

One year later, CESVIMAP certified its Environmental Management System according to the ISO 14001 standard, in this same centre; it meant the recognition of CESVIMAP’s action in compliance with the legal requirements that apply to it and the environmental commitments that are established each year, within the framework of its commitment to pollution prevention and environmental protection.


Technical magazine on the repair and assessment of damage to car bodywork and paintwork. Published quarterly, it offers the results of CESVIMAP’s research and experimentation, through technical articles, illustrated with work processes and equipment and product tests carried out at CESVIMAP. Bodywork, Paint, Vehicles, Industrial Vehicles, Motorcycles, Road Safety, From the Workshop, Experts, Quality and Environment are some of its sections. It has a print run of 20,000 copies in its paper edition. It is also published online.